Tavern on the Green, Looking Kinda Blue

No more splendor. (Getty)

Does anybody want to run Tavern on the Green anymore?

Once the most profitable (if also mocked) restaurant on the planet, Tavern on the Green cannot seem to get any love anymore. Not even Donald Trump wants anything to do with it, nor do most of the two dozen restaurateurs who first checked in on the space. According to  Crain’s, there are six firms vying for control of the once-hallowed haunt, none of whom are especially distinguished.

People familiar with the selection process say about a half-dozen operators are being considered. According to news reports, Legends Hospitality management, a catering venture that specializes in sports arenas, and Beau Monde, a Philadelphia-based restaurant, submitted proposals.

Michael Dorf, CEO of City Winery, said he is on the “short list” of candidates as well. “We are in the running, giving them lots of answers to many questions,” he said.

Parks officials, for their part, say only that “the selection process is still ongoing.”

City Winery’s a great place, but it’s not exactly a fount of culinary excellence. As for the other two, it might as well be Yankee Stadium. Actually, the food may well be better there.

It looks like the hope that Tavern would become something worthwhile has been dashed. We’d sooner visit the new Maoz in the park. Tavern on the Green, Looking Kinda Blue