The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman Tells FunnyJunk Lawyer to Please Just Chill Already

Still, we doubt it'll end here.

Discourse. (Photo: The Oatmeal

We’re not going to lie: We’ve enjoyed following every single development of the FunnyJunk/Charles Carreon-versus-Oatmeal/Matthew Inman fustercluck. But at this point, with a lawsuit targeting the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society, it’s getting a little ridiculous. And if Mr. Carreon digs himself any deeper, he’s going to pop out in Beijing. That’s probably why Mr. Inman just addressed Mr. Carreon’s eyeroll-inducing legal antics with a blog post informing him as gently as possible (well, for the “ptero-you-a-new-asshole” Oatmeal) that he is making matters worse.

“You’re upset, I get it,” grants Mr. Inman, before doling out a little real talk: “My advice: take a few weeks off, stop saying crazy shit to journalists, and come back when you’ve calmed down. Write an apology to whomever you feel is appropriate, or just don’t write anything ever again.” (This is actually pretty solid counsel for anyone who ever incurs the wrath of the Internet.)

He even says that, were Mr. Carreon to launch his own fundraiser to appease the Internet, he’d chip in.

Of course, lest Mr. Inman endanger his reputation by appearing too civil and mature, he signs off with “Hugs and sexy bear kisses.”

But it sounds like Mr. Carreon might have bigger problems than a few mean emails from overly devoted Oatmeal fans. His Wikipedia entry points out that,

In October 2005, Carreon was suspended by the Oregon State Bar for 60 days for the unlawful practice of law and failing to deposit or maintain client funds in trust.[11] In September 2006, Carreon was also suspended for two years by the State Bar of California, stayed, and placed on two years of probation with an actual 60-day suspension for violating his duty to maintain client funds in trust, and for practicing without a license in Canada.

In the meantime, in case anyone still cares about the original issue here, FunnyJunk has apparently removed all the infringing content to which Mr. Inman initially objected.

The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman Tells FunnyJunk Lawyer to Please Just Chill Already