Twitter Introduces Trending Topics Tailored Just For You

Your online circle just got even smaller.

(Photo: Twitter)

Say goodbye to hashtags like #Idumpedhercuz–unless you’re into that sort of thing. Twitter announced on its blog today that the company has tweaked its algorithm to display trending topics tailored specifically to your location and the people you follow.

The company made the change “in order to show emerging topics that matter more to you,” and will be rolling out the new feature over the course of the day. You can always opt out of it by switching back to a location–like New York or the U.S.–for a broader sample of trending topics.

We appreciate the move, but we actually prefer that trending topics are pegged to our city and not who we follow. Being able to see what New York as a whole is talking about and not just our incestuous clique of tech and media folks is pretty refreshing. How else would we know when High School Musical 2 is on TV?

Twitter Introduces Trending Topics Tailored Just For You