Wales Picks Bedwyr Williams for 2013 Venice Biennale Pavilion

Bedwyr Williams. (Courtesy the artist Ceri Hand Gallery)

A month on the heels of the British Council selecting Jeremy Deller to represent Great Britain at the 2013 Venice Biennale, the Art Council of Wales has tapped 37-year-old Bedwyr Williams to represent the country at the art extravaganza, according to ArtDaily.

Here’s ArtDaily on the artist:

His comedic and poetic live performances and installations deal with Welshness, otherness and difference. He has in the past assumed different personas in his work – a one-eyed preacher, a Grimm Reaper and Count Pollen.

Though he’s exhibited infrequently in the United States, Mr. Williams did appear in Performa 11 in New York last year. He’s represented in Liverpool, England, by the Ceri Hand Gallery.

As for the other members of the United Kingdom, Scotland and Northern Ireland have not yet to announced their artist representatives (the latter declined to participate in 2011, citing budgetary issues), and there is no English pavilion.

A full list of artists representing nations at the Biennale is available here. 

Update, Jan. 21: The Wales exhibition is a collateral event of the Venice Biennale, not a national participation, and is pending official approval. National participations are managed directly by each country’s ministry of culture, whereas collateral events are proposed by international organizations and institutions and require approval from the Biennale Board of Directors.

Wales Picks Bedwyr Williams for 2013 Venice Biennale Pavilion