We Can’t Believe We Almost Felt Bad for Ann Curry

The Observer got a little choked up watching Ann Curry smile through the tears as she bid the Today show

The Observer got a little choked up watching Ann Curry smile through the tears as she bid the Today show farewell this morning. But it must have been some auto-sympathy response from our primitive lizard brain because there is no rational reason for Ms. Curry to feel sad, let alone us.

For one thing, television journalists, even those of her suddenly diminished stature, make a mint. And, second, it’s not like she’s just getting pushed off the Today couch. Ms. Curry is trading a job that’s intellectually beneath her but nonetheless insanely cutthroat for a multiyear contract job that gives her a hand-picked, seven-person team to cover the biggest breaking news stories all over the world. Her segments will end up on NBC Nightly News, Dateline, Rock Center and Today. She gets to be an understudy anchor on Nightly News. She no longer has to wake up at 3:30 a.m.!

But then, who are we to say from whence this well of emotion hath sprung? Maybe it was that thing where you’re super stressed out, tired, or angry—like, say, having just gone through the wringer in the press and at the negotiating table with your bosses—and then someone random asks, “Are you ok?” and you just start crying because you’re so glad someone asked.  [HuffPost, USA Today]

In other media news…

CNN staffers are embarrassed by today’s inaccurate report that SCOTUS had found Obamacare’s individual mandate unconstitutional. Now they know how the politicians whose gaffes they catch feel! [BuzzFeed]

Speaking of, even POTUS first believed CNN’s false SCOTUS report. Some are calling it the “Dewey Defeats Truman” of 2012. [Politico, HuffPost]

Meanwhile, the boys scouts over at The Chicago Sun-Times had three versions of the story prepared. [Romenesko]

Janice Min‘s Hollywood Reporter grabbed Chris Krewson from rival Variety. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Modern Luxury publishers named Christina Cuomo—wife of ABC News correspondent Chris Cuomo and sister-in-law of Governor Andrew Cuomo—editor in chief of Manhattan magazine. There goes the Fourth Estate! [Press Release]

In the Columbia Journalism Review, Michael Massing writes that David Carr‘s New York Times Media Equation column has become “too breezy, knowing, star-struck, and insidery,” unlike his hard-hitting and incisive investigation of the Tribune Company. Which, fine, but it’s a weekly column. The moral of Times documentary and David Carr-vehicle Page One was that it takes a really long time to do those kinds of long form pieces. [CJR]

Forbes redesigned its home page. Allow Lewis DVorkin to explain it to you. [Forbes]

Tom Mockridge and Robert Thomson are favorites to become CEO of News Corp.’s new newspapers and publishing company. [Guardian]

News Corp. chairman Rupert Murdoch is shopping the new company all over town. He told CNBC he wants to change the Wall Street Journal’s name to WSJ and he told the Financial Times he won’t tolerate losses anywhere. (There goes The New York Post.) [PaidContent]

Everyone has such good Nora Ephron stories, including Lena Dunham and Gail Collins. [New Yorker, New York Times]

Spike Lee is only the 11th greatest Brooklynite of all time, sez Brooklyn Magazine. [BK Mag]

Reuters reporter Stephen Grey, who is working on a story about mismanagement at Greek banks, is being followed and photographed by a security firm. [Reuters]

We Can’t Believe We Almost Felt Bad for Ann Curry