Weekend Roundup: Malignant Clowns; Stop-and-Frisk Protests; Plumbing Plum Island

The Daily News endorsed Hakeem Jeffries, declaring, “One man in this contest is a class act. The other is a malignant clown.”

French politicians are campaigning in New York.

Nick Confessore said the Committee to Save New York controversy isn’t over.

Black and LGBT leaders will march together against stop-and-frisk.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade today will also feature a protest against the policy.

Here’s video of Adriano Espaillat in Washington last Thursday speaking on stop-and-frisk.

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights launched an inquiry into “Stand Your Ground” laws.

David Storobin sponsored his first bill, honoring the memory of the Munich attack on Israeli Olympic athletes.

Storobin has his .gov page up as well.

Gatemouth thinks authorities need to investigate his narrow special election victory.

The Democrat running in the city’s most Republican Assembly district kicked off his campaign.

Only a nationwide prevention-oriented obesity program will work.

A new study srevealed Asian-Americans have high long-term unemployment rates.

CBS “plumbed” the mysteries of Plum Island.

The New York Post bashed CUNY for its focus on diversity.

Paul Singer will fund a pro-gay GOP super PAC.

The Latino vote doesn’t match their share of the population.

Mitt Romney intends to court that constituency.

Colorado’s Hispanics are a key swing constituency in particular.

Demographic shifts in critical areas could help President Obama win reelection.

It’s inherently difficult for the Obama administration to prosecute leaks.

Eric Holder will nevertheless try.

The Libertarian Party lashed out at Rand Paul over his Romney endorsement.

Weekend Roundup: Malignant Clowns; Stop-and-Frisk Protests; Plumbing Plum Island