Weekend Roundup: Towns for Barron; Debating Sugar; McCotter’s White Flag

So, this happened.

Again, Ed Towns is going to endorse Charles Barron.

Michael Powell: “Ed Towns, ending deeply unextraordinary 2 1/2 decade congressional career, tosses endorsement to Qaddafi/Mugabe adoring Charlie Barron?”

Dov Hikind said Towns is stabbing the Jewish community in the back.

The campaign continues for the few Jewish votes outside of anti-Zionist Williamsburg in Nydia Velázquez’s district.

Dan O’Connor accused her of neglecting the district’s Hispanic community.

Ridgewood Bushwick has spent millions in legal fees.

Negotiations with Genting have broken down.

A judge halted Mayor Bloomberg’s outer borough taxi plan.

A number of challenges remain for the September 11 Memorial Museum.

A local newspaper called on Nan Hayworth to fire her controversial spokesman.

Jumaane Williams, Karim Camara, and Yvette Clarke are pushing for federal action on stop-and-frisk.

Lincoln Restler would like you to join the “Restling Team.”

Sugar is the enemy.

No, it isn’t.

“Nanny Bloomberg” appeared in a full page New York Times ad yesterday.

The Daily News continued criticizing Michael Mulgrew.

The Post still doesn’t like John Liu.

The publication wasn’t impressed by Brooklyn D.A. Hynes’ excuses on sex abuse cases either.

There wasn’t a lot of applause for Hynes at the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty today.

Recall elections are becoming increasingly frequent.

Meet the man planning the Mitt Romney presidency.

The economic slowdown could reshape the presidential race.

It points to President Obama’s constraints.

Bill Clinton said his statement on Bain Capital was twisted.

Obama’s outreach to religious voters may not be as effective this time around.

Times headline: “Candidates Have College, Spicy Chicken and ‘Star Trek’ in Common”

Former presidential candidate Thad McCotter officially imploded and won’t even run for reelection.

Weekend Roundup: Towns for Barron; Debating Sugar; McCotter’s White Flag