Who’s Suing Who?: A Visual Guide to the Drake/Chris Brown/ W.i.P Charges

Suing: The city of New York.
Over: The owners of Greenhouse and W.i.P claim they are losing $264,000 a week since the city forced it to close.
Do they have a case?: Since the club has only been closed for less than two weeks, and there are 14 violations on record, we doubt the judge will have much sympathy for the basement lounge owners.
Suing: W.i.P. for $20 million.
Over: Negligence in security and supervision. Mr. Parker suffered a scratched cornea from broken glass that may prevent him from playing for France in the 2012 Olympic games.
Does he have a case?: Since the shard of glass penetrated 99% of his eye and could potentially damage his career, we'd say so.
Suing: Staten Island resident Vladimira Brace has gotten herself a lawyer to fire off a letter to Drake's lawyers. So far its only an allegation, not technically a suit, but there's definitely a threat implied.
Over: Spinal injuries suffered during the fight. Her lawyer's letter claims that Drake has a history of violence against women, and that she personally saw "several members of [Drake's] entourage throwing bottles of champagne with reckless and criminal disregard of the well-being of the innocent bystanders.”
Does she have a case?: If the videotape evidence surfaces, it's a win. Otherwise, it's going to be her word against Drake's over "Who started it."
Suing: Her lawyer's statement: “My plan is to sue anybody who threw a bottle, anybody who created that dangerous atmosphere."
Over: The clubgoer/New Jersey financial planner required twelve stitches on her upper arm.
Does she have a case?: By holding off on pointing fingers, Ms. Pavlovsky has a better chance of joining in on a class action suit when the courts decide how culpable each player in this fight was.
Suing: Drake, but also considering anybody else who could be held liable.
Over: Ms. Gutierrez, a model who was partying with Chris Brown's posse, required five staples to close her head wound caused by a flying bottle.
Does she have a case?: Again, it will depend on the videotape, but it's good she's keeping her options open. It doesn't help her case that she was with Mr. Brown; since the model didn't see who threw the bottle, her lawsuit could be seen as biased against Drake's entourage.
Chris Brown, Drake, and the carnage of W.i.P. (Getty/Getty/Twitter)

New York’s club scene is still dealing with the aftermath of the Chris Brown/Drake row earlier this month at the SoHo underground hotspot W.i.P.  The city has shut down the venue for 14 violations following the fight on June 14th, when a barrage of flying bottles and broken glass rained down upon innocent bystanders.

Now club-goers are getting litigious against anybody they can find responsible (although Chris Brown has not yet the target of any of possible lawsuit, give it time), and the hotspot is suing the city. We know, it’s hard to keep all these boldfaced names on the lawsuits straight, so here’s a handy guide of the defendants and plaintiffs in what will go down in history as The Bottle Battle of 2012.

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