2013 Mayoral Race Cash Money: The Roundup

As the campaign finance reports for the likely mayoral candidates in 2013 come pouring in, it’s clear that Council Speaker

As the campaign finance reports for the likely mayoral candidates in 2013 come pouring in, it’s clear that Council Speaker Christine Quinn is leading the pack. Ms. Quinn has raised $5.8 million so far for her campaign and has a whopping $5 million total left in her bank account. Thus, Ms. Quinn has now reached the maximum she can raise to receive matching funds and will certainly have more free time to focus on non-fundraising campaign events.

The candidate with the second most in his campaign account is someone that might not be even running: Rep. Anthony Weiner with $4.8 million. Mr. Weiner, who infamously resigned in disgrace last year, is reportedly considering running for Gracie Mansion or the Public Advocate’s Office in 2013, but very well might decide to do neither.

Meanwhile, the current occupant of that office, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, raised a solid three quarters of a million dollars in the last six months and a bit under $3 million total, but with $2.1 million cash on hand, he’ll still need to hit up more donors to reach his fundraising ceiling.

Doing even better than Mr. de Blasio is Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who has raised $3.7 million in total and sits with over $3 million dollars in his two campaign accounts.

Comptroller John Liu has also been raising plenty of money, reporting a bit over $1.8 million cash on hand with $2.6 million raised in total. He would have even more on hand if it weren’t due to his ongoing legal dilemmas.

Bringing up the rear among the top tier candidates is 2009 mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, whose filing is not online yet, but with $500,000 raised since January and $750,000 reported cash on hand back then, his account is likely to show around $1 million. He’s raised $1.5 million in total.

Manhattan Media C.E.O. Tom Allon is also in the race and surprised some by reporting $250,000 raised so far.

Many of the candidates in the Democratic primary are likely to max out like Ms. Quinn already has. They may have different amounts to spend, however, as large contributions aren’t eligible for matching funds — but determining how the matching funds will break down is difficult to until the rest of the potential mayoral contenders catch up to her.

No Republican has announced yet, but businessman John Catsimatidis is likely to enter if NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly takes a pass. Like current Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mr. Catsimatidis is independently wealthy and would likely be able to self-fund his entire campaign. 2013 Mayoral Race Cash Money: The Roundup