A Razorless Dennis Crowley Wonders If Dollar Shave Club is ‘A Meme/Hoax’

"Is this a real service?"

(Photo: Twitter)

The trouble with producing a wildly successful viral video is that everything you do afterwards is going to pale in comparison–and now the folks at Dollar Shave Club appear to be learning this the hard way.

The Santa Monica-based company sends you “fucking great” razors for a premium of $1-9/month. In startup parlance: It’s like Birchbox, but for razors! The company’s hilarious video went viral in March, and to date it’s netted almost 5 million views. But not everyone is happy with Dollar Shave Club’s customer service, including one of New York’s most celebrated tech founders.

“Hey @dollarshaveclub, I signed up Day One (in March!) & still haven’t gotten anything? Is this a real service or just a hoax/meme?” tweeted Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley earlier today. Snap!

“I had to email them a bunch of times to finally get my blades months after I signed up.@DollarShaveCLub #terrible cust exp,” replied a user named Mike Calvey.

A quick search for “Dollar Shave Club” on Twitter unearths a few disgruntled users eager for their shaving products, but those tweets are mostly eclipsed by hype surrounding the viral promo video.

Former TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld has a different theory as to where Mr. Crowley’s blades may have gone off to: “I just started getting mine a few weeks ago. you’ve got earn your way into the club. Many apply, few are chosen :).”

We’ve reached out to Dollar Shave Club to ask if they’ve had any manufacturing or shipping troubles that could delay orders. We’ll update when we hear back.


A rep for Dollar Shave Club responded: “DSC sent Dennis his blades this am. No manufacturing or shipping problems, just a few orders here and there that slipped through the cracks back in March at the big relaunch.” A Razorless Dennis Crowley Wonders If Dollar Shave Club is ‘A Meme/Hoax’