‘Adam Cook is the ‘Dank Spank’ Going to Dominate in Congress!’

Adam Cook (Photo: AdamCook2012.com)

Adam Cook, a Democrat who is running for the House seat in Virginia’s first congressional district got some rather enthusiastic support on YouTube after his first campaign video was posted there today. The first comment added shortly after the video was posted was an especially colorful endorsement of the candidate:

“Adam Cook is the ‘Dank Spank’ going to dominate in Congress!”

The comment was made by Mr. Cook’s younger brother, Simon. According to the only entry for the phrase in Urban Dictionary, which is the unquestioned authority on slang, “dank spank” means masturbating after smoking marijuana“He’s a young guy he’s a college student now so I guess that was his support,” Mr. Cook told The Politicker.

Before Mr. Cook gets his chance to “dominate in Congress,” he will have to defeat Republican Congressman Rob Wittman, who has been serving in the district since 2007. The district has traditionally been a conservative stronghold, however John McCain won it by just three percent in 2008 compared to George W. Bush’s more than 20 percent margin of victory in 2004. Democratic Senator Mark Warner also won the district in his 2008 Senate run. Mr. Cook has the endorsement of former Virginia governor Tim Kaine.

“It is like much of Northern Virginia trending in a more Democratic direction,” Mr. Cook said. “It could be competitive.”

Mr. Cook is an Afghanistan veteran and current member of the Air Force Reserves. He is suspending his campaign for two weeks starting next Monday because he is up for two weeks of active duty in Delaware.

View a screengrab of the younger Mr. Cook’s comment and the full campaign video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzHvcRqXS5s] ‘Adam Cook is the ‘Dank Spank’ Going to Dominate in Congress!’