Alec Baldwin Wants Your Children to Read About Farting Dogs

Walter the Farting Dog, as recommended by Alec Baldwin (Penguin Books and Getty Images)

‘Tis a noble effort, Alec Baldwin, to dedicate your time to the responsibilities of being on the board of the Brooke Jackman Foundation, a non-profit that  promotes literacy for at-risk children in NYC. Sometimes the best kind of giving back doesn’t involve donating money or showing up to a charity gala, but creatively finding a way to donate your abilities towards a common good.

So when the Foundation asked you, Alec Baldwin, a man respected by children everywhere, for suggested summer reading material, we’re sure that you put the utmost care and consideration into your two choices. That’s why we encourage all kids–actual kids and those just young at heart–to download Little House on the Prairie and Walter the Farting Dog on Kindle today.

May we also say how very manly it was of you, Mr. Baldwin, to present your choices without commentary, unlike those other notable names asked to participate. While Reading Rainbow‘s creator Twila Liggett felt it necessary to explain why she chose Mary Hoffman’s Amazing Grace and Janell Cannon’s Stellaluna, and children’s author Stephanie Calmenson gave a whole back-of-the-book blurb for her picks–Amos and Boris by William Steig and Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, with pictures by Maurice Sendak–you stoically let your flatulent-laden reading material speak for itself.

Little House on the Prairie. Walter the Farting Dog. One for the ladies, one for the fellas. (Walter was a New York Times bestseller, to boot.) Why not just add Go the F*ck to Sleep onto your list for some gender neutrality? Because you are Alec Baldwin, and you could only think of two books children should read this summer. We understand your point: kids they should be outside, running free and riding nosy reporters over with their bikes. Not being nerds.

We just hope the children take your advice, Mr. Baldwin, and actually read these books. That way they’ll be able to follow along when the Farrelly brothers turns at least one of these titles into a blockbuster hit. Alec Baldwin Wants Your Children to Read About Farting Dogs