The Best Zingers Mocking Apple’s Cheesy New Ad Campaign

They are really just not very good.

The new Apple ads that’ve debuted during the Olympics are, shall we say, pretty tone deaf. Zooey Deschanel advertising Siri was bad enough. Don Draper probably would slap a copywriter in the face for pitching this “Apple genius helps clueless customers in distress” concept. For example:

The response has not been friendly. In fact, people are pretty much falling over themselves to mock the new ads. Hence, a collection of a few particularly withering quips:

1.  The Atlantic evokes the ghost of Steve Jobs, then calls them “boring riffs” on Best Buy’s superior Geek Squad commercials, as well as “the marketing equivalent of Michael Phelps’ fourth-place finish in the 400 IM.” Ouch.

2. The Verge says, “They feel intellectually cheap.”

3. Jean-Louis Gassée–a.k.a. the former head of Macintosh called them “cringe-inducing,” adding, “First celebrity Siri ads, now this?” Our thoughts, exactly.

4. Ken Segall–another Apple vet–posted a lengthy takedown that opens with the salvo, “These ads are causing a widespread gagging response, and deservedly so.” Brutal.

5. A Forbes contributor: “Viewers Give Apple’s ‘Genius’ Olympic Ads A ‘D’ For Dumb.”

6. In perhaps the most unintentionally devastating remark, redOrbit asks,”Are They To Apple What Flo Is To Progressive?” Poor Flo, she deserved so much better.

7. Ars Technica–even while defending the ads from the charge that they’re Apple’s absolute worst–calls the implementation “too cheesy, even for an Apple ad—and borderline smarmy in all cases.”

8. IT World just asks whether anyone else wants to “punch the ‘Apple Genius’ guy in the face.”

Maybe Apple might want to try… thinking different? The Best Zingers Mocking Apple’s Cheesy New Ad Campaign