Big Six committees increase fundraising, ELEC reports

TRENTON – The money game is accelerating.

The so-called Big Six committees – the two state parties and the four legislative leadership PACs – raised a combined $1.7 million during the most recent quarter, in which both parties raised more money than in the previous three-month period, according to a release today from the Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The Republican committees begin the second half of the year with more cash on hand, ELEC reported.

The three GOP committees – the state Republican Committee, the Senate Republican Majority and Assembly Republican Victory – raised $1.13 million in the second quarter, a 21 percent jump from the first quarter take of $931,000.

The Democratic trio – the state Democratic Committee, Senate Democratic Majority and Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee – raised $564,000 in the second quarter compared to $362,000 in the first quarter, a 56 percent increase.

In terms of spending, the Republican committees spent $571,000 for the quarter, compared to $1.28 million in the prior quarter.

And the Democrats spent $401,000 in the quarter compared to $335,000 in the first quarter.

Looking toward the second half of the year, the GOP has more cash on hand: $864,000 as opposed to $328,000 for the Democratic committees, ELEC reported.

“Both parties are still regrouping after last year’s election,’’ said Jeff Brindle, ELEC executive director.

“While they will need some money for local elections and general political activities this fall, they mostly will be gearing up for next year’s showdown over the governor’s seat and both legislative houses.’’ Big Six committees increase fundraising, ELEC reports