Bill Powers on Tribeca’s Home Alone Gallery

Over at T Magazine, Bill Powers, owner of the Lower East Side’s Half Gallery, has a short piece about Home Alone Gallery, a project space in Tribeca run by artists Nate Lowman, Hanna Liden and Leo Fitzpatrick. The space is a storefront window, and the work on display can only be viewed from the street. (Currently on view is Paul McCarthy’s Brancusi Tree.) Most interesting is this detail about the origins of the space’s name. Mr. Fitzpatrick explains:

Around the time we found the location was when ‘The Scream’ sold at auction for $119 million…Nate and I had a whole debate over whether the poster for the movie [Home Alone] was based on the painting and ultimately that’s how we chose it.

In other Tribeca news, the neighborhood is also the subject of a great novel that comes out this month, Triburbia which you can read about here. Bill Powers on Tribeca’s Home Alone Gallery