Booting Up: ‘Fun Yahoo Layette Set’ Edition

(Photo: Instagram)

Google execs Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen wrote an op-ed about how witnesses in the drug war are like anonymous packets on a server? [Washington Post]

The Yahoo communications team got its new CEO Marissa Mayer a “fun Yahoo layette set” which is apparently parent-speak for “a onesie with ‘Born to Yodel!’ on it and a white blanket for baby to ruin with spit-up.” [Instagram]

Speaking of Ms. Mayer, she wasn’t on Yahoo’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, but she will be greeted with weak profits in her first quarter as CEO. [Wall Street Journal]

The New Zealand judge in charge of Kim Dotcom’s case has been dismissed after some eyebrow-raising comments about the U.S. being the “enemy.” [New Zealand Herald]

Washington state residents can now register to vote via Facebook, which is a refreshing departure from Pennsylvania’s voter registration methods, where you have to furnish the blood of your great-great-grandmother in a vial made of unicorn tears. [Ars Technica]

Booting Up: ‘Fun Yahoo Layette Set’ Edition