Booting Up: Minister of Propaganda Edition

A gesture for Mr. Schmidt? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Wikipedia is bleeding admins. Why? The vetting process for becoming one “is basically a hazing ritual at this point.” [The Atlantic]

Poor Microsoft. The unveiling of its newest Office suite yesterday was totally overshadowed by Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer coup. We think we can hear Steve Ballmer throwing chairs from here. [Microsoft]

At a Fortune conference in Aspen, Peter Thiel called Eric Schmidt Google’s “minister of propaganda.” Fight! Fight! Fight! [Fortune]

LinkedIn got a much-needed UI makeover, and it looks a hell of a lot like Google+. [LinkedIn Blog]

No one knows what iCloud is. [Buzzfeed]

Oh good, another Hacker News Alley vs. Valley flamewar. [Hacker News] Booting Up: Minister of Propaganda Edition