Booting Up: RIP Edition

(Photo: Apps Blogger)

The New York Times got several anonymous sources to confirm that Apple is building an iPad with a 7.85-inch screen: slightly too big for pants pockets, but just the right size for a woman’s purse. [New York Times]

Meet Neustar, a Delaware-based company to which over 400 telecom companies route law enforcement surveillance requests. Not creepy at all! [Buzzfeed]

A University of Pennsylvania professor did some statistical analysis of Kickstarter’s failed projects. [AppsBlogger]

Soon, the Machines will be making our plane parts for us. [Wall Street Journal]

Comcast has bought out Microsoft’s stake in NBC, and MSNBC’s URL has been changed to This is supposed to “end brand confusion,” but we’re still completely puzzled. [New York Times]

Booting Up: RIP Edition