Booting Up: The Indian Blackout Edition

Good morning, sunshine! (Photo:

Before bitching about anything tech-related today, please remember that 670 million people are currently without power in India. [Reuters]

The iPhone almost didn’t make it out of development hell, says Sir Jonathan Ive. [Telegraph]

Twitter has launched clickable stock tickers called Cashtags. The CEO of Stocktwits is not happy with this “hijacking” of his idea. [Howard Lindzon]

Facebook is reportedly introducing a “Save for Later” feature. All of a sudden it’s awful crowded on the bottom of your status update.  [The Verge]

Social media is the new focus group. [New York Times]

The Obama campaign now has an app. So far, it is only available for iPhone. Naturally. [All Things D] Booting Up: The Indian Blackout Edition