Booting Up: The Rich Get Richer Edition

(Photo: Glamour)

Freshly-minted Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is set to make $60 million in overall compensation, including a multi-million dollar bonus for staying on for more than five years. The money will reportedly reek of desperation. [AllThingsD]

Speaking of Ms. Mayer, here is her first memo to the Yahoo team. It’s marked “privileged and confidential”–oops. [AllThingsD]

Google earned $12.1B in Q2. Suddenly Ms. Mayer’s $60 million is starting to look quite paltry. [VentureBeat]

The Daily Show is making its way back to the TVs of DirecTV customers, as the provider finally reached a deal with Viacom. [Engadget]

Reddit has composed a comprehensive timeline of the gut-wrenching fatal shooting that took place in Colorado last night. [Reddit]

Booting Up: The Rich Get Richer Edition