Bravo’s Silicon Valley Looks Like a Wildly Entertaining Trainwreck

Much ado has been made about Randi Zuckerberg’s foray into reality television with Bravo’s new series Silicon Valley. The show will follow the lives of a handful of fresh-faced founders as they struggle to get their budding startups off the ground from an outrageously gorgeous “villa” nestled in the San Francisco hills.

Today, The New York Times ran a new piece about the show, chronicling the self-righteous reactions Valley types have when Hollywood cameras burst onto their hallowed ground. There’s nothing new about this tsk-tsking: Area bloggers have long since clutched their pearls and baby-faced tech wunderkinds have already tweeted their disgust (“Yuck, please stay in LA”). But the piece does boast some juicy quotes that have us thinking Silicon Valley will be all that we’ve eagerly anticipated and much, much more.
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Bravo’s <em>Silicon Valley</em> Looks Like a Wildly Entertaining Trainwreck