Making the Band: Buzzfeed Hires a Music Editor!

Cats Who Look Like Ariel Pink, anyone?

Matthew Perpetua, Buzzfeed’s new music editor.

And again, we cue the HAS BUZZFEED HIRED ANYONE NEW TODAY Tumblr.  Jonah Peretti’s Iowa Writers Workshop for People Who Love Videos of Domesticated Animals Stuck in Boxes has hired its first music editor. Earlier today, Buzzfeed executive editor (and coffee elitist) Doree Shafrir Tweeted out the news:

“Very excited to announce that Matthew @Perpetua will be joining @BuzzFeed on Monday as our first Music Editor!”

That’s Matthew Perpetua, to you. A contributor to Pitchfork, Slate, Vulture, Rolling Stone, and MTV, Mr. Perpetua can be read anywhere, but know, he cut his teeth as a first-wave blogger: He’s been writing about music on Fluxblog since 2002, the tenth anniversary of which was recently celebrated with a reading last night at Housing Works Bookstore. A Time Out: New York interview explains the origins of the blog’s following:

He maintained a small but steady amount of Internet traffic until December 8, 2003, when he posted “Yeah (Stupid Version),” a song by a then-little-known band named LCD Soundsystem. “My numbers blew up,” says Perpetua. “I was the one to get that song out there, and that really put Fluxblog on the map.” Tastemakers from A&R types to DJs and editors began to look to his picks for trends and upcoming talent.

Most recently, Mr. Perpetua worked with Ms. Shafrir writing for her when she was working as the senior editor of (until she was snatched up by Buzzfeed). As for what he’ll be doing there, Mr. Perpetua was mum on details, but explained via email that the idea is “to cover music with a focus on enthusiasm.”

“Most music sites are focused on critic culture and establishing that kind of top-down authority,” he wrote, “but this is going to sidestep a lot of that, and hopefully better reflect how people on the internet engage with music and music culture now.”

If that strikes you as a particularly high-minded answer that doesn’t sound like the same site which recently published “18 Photos of Albert Einstein Being Super Chill,” well, it is! He also explained that in addition to original reporting, Buzzfeed will “hopefully use music as a springboard to talk about other things going on in the world the site will be doing.”

“Ultimately, the goal is to cover music in a way that is entertaining for both music nerds and casual listeners.”

It’s a noble goal, and so far, Buzzfeed has demonstrated the ability to deliver on the promise of combining original news and Internet Human Catnip. That said, Mr. Perpetua did not rule out “funny stuff.” We say: Give the people what they want. Which is to say: “Seventeen Pictures of Babies Who Look Like Mike Love Listening to Outtakes from The ‘Smile’ Sessions,” we eagerly await you. | @weareyourfek Making the Band: Buzzfeed Hires a Music Editor!