Celebrity ‘Diva’ Candidate Mindy Meyer Seems Set to Lose Republican Line

A photo of Mindy Meyer on her campaign website, featuring her in Washington D.C. instead of Albany.

Mindy Meyer suddenly made headlines around the country yesterday when her extremely, extremely pink campaign website was discovered and enjoyed by politicos all over. Among other things, the site blasted pop music, declared, in sparkling silver, “I’m Senator And I Know It,” and effectively provided a photo shoot of her in different poses in the “Issues” section.

As the Republican and Conservative candidate for a very Democratic State Senate district in Central Brooklyn, however, she was and is a long shot for the seat. What’s more, it seems that her paperwork wasn’t properly filed in order to run on the Republican line, making her already remote chances slightly even more so.

The problem stems from her party registration. Ms. Meyer initially registered without officially stating a party preference and only recently changed her status to Republican, which New York State does not allow to take effect until after the general election. Without the paperwork being filed to specifically allow her to be the Republican designee as a non-Republican, this means she will be confined to running only under the Conservative Party’s banner.

Her campaign initially told The Politicker that the filed the necessary item — called a Wilson Pakula — to run on the ballot under a party line that a candidate is not registered under, but a very confident source familiar with the matter said that a Wilson Pakula was only filed under the Conservative line.

Ultimately, this won’t have a huge impact on the race as the Democratic incumbent, State Senator Kevin Parker, is set for an easy victory in such staunchly Democratic territory, and Ms. Meyer will still be able to campaign and get her message out, just with one less party behind her.

So the very pink and flashy cause will live on. Celebrity ‘Diva’ Candidate Mindy Meyer Seems Set to Lose Republican Line