Check Out Les Rogers’s Olympic Painting

The artist and the subject. (Courtesy Oakley’s Facebook)

The Olympics are approaching ever quicker, and New York painter Les Rogers has paired with Oakley to paint two-time gold-medalist Kerri Walsh of the U.S. Olympic volleyball team. You can see the end result to your left.

Here’s what Mr. Rogers said about the painting, via Reuters:

“Listening to Kerri describe her cheerful and vivid outlook on the world, especially competition, led me to create a life-sized representation that expresses her joy, action and strength as she once again reaches to capture gold,” said New York artist Les Rogers. “The painting compresses all of her positive energy and colorful passion of her personality into the winning moment.”

Mr. Rogers has a show back here in the city, at Half Gallery, opening Aug. 1. Check Out Les Rogers’s Olympic Painting