Christie reiterates that he deals with Sweeney, not Scutari

TRENTON – At his second press conference since reports broke that Lee Solomon, a former assemblyman and current judge, may be tapped to serve on the state’s high court, Gov. Chris Christie – again – declined to go down that road.

The governor was asked about Solomon at a news conference today and told reporters he would not discuss the issue. He was prompted to discuss comments made by the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-22), to The Star Ledger.

Scutari, who heads the Democrat-controlled panel that has the final say over gubernatorial nominations to the state Supreme Court, indicated in reports that his committee will not consider interviewing Solomon unless the governor also names his second choice to fill the other open position.

For the record, Christie has not named Solomon as a nominee to the Supreme Court.

When the governor was asked last week to comment on Scutari’s statements, Christie replied by saying he doesn’t “deal with Scutari.”

“I deal with (Senate President) Steve Sweeney,” he said during the July 19 news conference.

And like clockwork, the governor, again, was asked about the senator’s comments.

“On this issue, I deal with him,” Christie said today, motioning to Sweeney, who was in attendance at the news conference for the signing of a solar energy bill.

“If Sen. Scutari has a deal he wants to offer, he can tell the Senate president about it,” Christie said.


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