Christie: Romney tough enough to take on Obama

OCEAN CITY – Gov. Chris Christie says presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is a tough candidate and any Republicans who think he’s too reserved to take on President Barack Obama are wrong – dead wrong.

“I think he is tough enough and I think you’re going to see over the course of the next 100 days … that you’re going to see him be really tough with the president,” Christie told a crowd at his beach town hall.

The governor was responding to a comment from one of the couple of hundred residents who attended the town hall. The resident questioned whether Republicans needed a tougher candidate, suggesting Christie was the right guy, to take on the president in the upcoming election.

“I think he’s tough enough to do it,” Christie said. “He worked to earn everything he’s gotten, and you can’t do that without being tough.”

Christie went on to say that he has no doubt that Romney is “the right guy.”

“When the president pushes him into the corner, don’t worry, … he’ll kick back,” Christie said. Christie: Romney tough enough to take on Obama