Governor Cuomo Discusses Important Topic of Fishing: A Transcript

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Post columnist Fred Dicker have historically discussed wide range of topics relating to New

Governor Cuomo holding a fish. (Photo: @ChrisCuomo)

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Post columnist Fred Dicker have historically discussed wide range of topics relating to New York government on Mr. Dicker’s radio show, but today, a huge portion of their discussion was devoted to an entirely different, recreational topic: a picture Mr. Cuomo’s brother tweeted of the governor holding a fish.

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And no aspect of that fish tweet went untouched. Mr. Dicker, who has been known for lobbing the occasional softball question at the governor, inquired about every topic from the catching of the striped bass to whether Mr. Cuomo might get more female Twitter followers if he posed shirtless holding the fish.

You can enjoy the full transcript of their discussion below:

Fred Dicker: Let me ask you something about that picture of you and the striped bass. It’s really not a bad looking bass, I give you credit. You did catch it, or was it Chris who caught it? Because it looked like you posed with the same fish. 

Andrew Cuomo: We caught a number of fish. But —

FD: That was the best you could show? 

AC: I don’t want to get into who is a better angler.  Well first-

FD: The reason I’m asking governor, let me just interrupt for a second. I got a couple emails from people wondering if it was of legal size.

AC: Oh. [laughs]

FD: I said it was sort of small or moderate, it looked like it made it. How big was it? 18 inches or so? 8 pounds? 6 pounds?

AC:  Extended 18, it was more like 30. 18. [laughs]

FD: 30 inches!

AC: The striped bass are a beautiful fish. A lot of blue fish. Some people fish fluke, some people fish porgies, but to me, the striped bass is the best game fish to go out for. They’re great eating. They’re really just a beautiful fish.  They’re hard to catch and it’s hard to catch a legal size striped bass. They tend to leave in the heat of the summer, they migrate up north. And look, I love it.  I love being outside and it’s just a great way to spend quality time. I often take my girls fishing. I was with my brother, obviously, as you saw in the tweet.

FD: Do you go out in a boat, is that right?

AC: I go out in a boat-

FD: Do you troll? Are you trolling for them?

AC: I primarily troll, sometimes you can use clams, you can use eels, it’s a lot of work. It makes a mess out of the boat, a lot of work afterwards. Trolling with what they call “umbrella rigs” is probably the most common and the easiest. I go up by the Shinnecock Inlet. It’s great. Shinnecock Bay, which is beautiful and it goes through the Shinnecock Inlet into the ocean. It’s one of the few places on the South Shore where you can access the ocean, right. Starting from the East, you have Montauk, and then you have Shinnecock which is probably 30-40 miles from Montauk. But that whole area just from a natural point of view and the beaches, it really is–

FD: It’s gorgeous, no question about it. Do you ever see any unusual sea life when you go out in the ocean? Turtles or sharks, or larger fish, or tuna, whales, anything like that? 

AC: No, but this year I haven’t been out deep sea fishing. This is all coastal fishing, it’s in the bay. You know, go out for a couple hours.  You could, at times I have gone deep sea fishing, where I’ve gone for shark fishing off Montauk at one time, but that’s a full-day trip Fred and that I haven’t done yet.

FD: I saw, and just finally on this, I saw the tweet that your brother Christopher had sent out, the one where he is shirtless and looking like he’s a serious weightlifter, and I noticed he had a million followers on his tweets. A million! Then I took a look at your followers on your tweets and I think you have maybe 28,000. Do you think if you posed maybe kind of like Chris does, it might increase your standing with perhaps women who are following you?

AC: I don’t know why he has the million followers, I don’t want to speculate. [Laughs]

FD: It might have something to do with his ABC gig. 

AC: It may have a little something to do with that.

Governor Cuomo Discusses Important Topic of Fishing: A Transcript