Cuomo Dismisses Fred Dicker’s Bobblehead Conspiracy Theory

The controversial bobblehead doll in question (Photo: Capital Tonight)

Governor Andrew Cuomo finally entered the ranks of successful celebrities in recent days, earning his own bobblehead doll. And on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning, Mr. Cuomo didn’t necessarily buy the New York Post columnist’s theory that perhaps the doll was based on his brother Chris by mistake.

“Trouble is, … the bobblehead by most accounts looks like Christopher Cuomo, not Andrew Cuomo,” Mr. Dicker said at the start of his show, long before Mr. Cuomo called in. “It could very well be that the photograph that was used to make the bobblehead’s face, sent over to China or wherever it gets sent to, got swapped. Maybe whoever sent it over sent a picture of Chris Cuomo and not Andrew Cuomo and that explains it.”

Mr. Dicker also opined that if the switcheroo did happen, it would only compliment Mr. Cuomo due to his brother’s good looks. After all, both of them recently posed with fish they caught while vacationing in the Hamptons and Chris Cuomo’s shirtless photo showed off his body more than Andrew Cuomo’s one.

“Nevertheless, it’s offered up as Andrew Cuomo and I’m sure Andrew doesn’t mind some thirteen years taken off his age,” he continued. “As I said, if you look at that photo of Chris Cuomo shirtless on the web with what looks like Andrew Cuomo’s striped bass, it’s not a bad physique and that’s for sure.”

Asked about the bobblehead resembling his brother, the governor wasn’t sold.

“I saw the doll this morning, I think it’s a general likeness,” he said laughing. “It could be any male Cuomo, I think.”

Cuomo Dismisses Fred Dicker’s Bobblehead Conspiracy Theory