Diane Gordon Files For District Leader

Diane Gordon, a State Assemblywoman who in 2008 was convicted of eight counts of receiving bribes and official misconduct, is trying to get back into politics.

After two years in prison,  Ms. Gordon filed petitions to challenge Inez Barron for her district leader post in East New York.

Ms. Gordon could not be reached for comment, a source with knowledge of the situation said that it is unclear if Ms. Gordon’s attempt to campaign for office would violate the terms of her parole, since she was sentenced to two-six years in prison in 2009. 

According to our source, Ms. Gordon should be barred from serving, since her crimes were a violation of her oath of office, but may be able to argue that running for district leader is party post, rather than a political one.

Ms. Barron meanwhile has been getting it from all sides. Her husband, City Councilman Charles Barron, just got crushed in a congressional race by Hakeem Jeffries, and she already has a stiff challenge to her Assembly seat from Christopher Banks, a Jeffries ally.

Of course, if Ms. Gordon is permitted to run, she would not be the same kind of threat. Diane Gordon Files For District Leader