YSL Runs Out of Ideas, Creates Facebook-Inspired Eye Shadow

Mark Zuckerberg: beauty icon.

(Photo: Kiss and Makeup)

Be honest: Facebook’s sleek blue and white color scheme is a fashion inspiration in your life. It is therefore only natural that you’d want to adorn your body with colorful evidence of your fandom.

Luckily, thanks to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, you can now wear Facebook on your eyelids.

Starting July 19th, YSL will release 1,650 of their Facebook-inspired “Devoted to Fans” eye shadow palettes, featuring blue, purple, white and grey shadows.

The case features the YSL logo transposed onto a blue background with “Devoted to Fans” and “#1” adorning the edges–or, as the brand eloquently told Kiss and Makeup, it weaves together “the highly identifiable Facebook blue with the luxurious Yves Saint Laurent design.”

Of course, you could just go out and buy a regular blue and grey eye shadow palette from CVS. But then you’d miss not only  the “luxurious” case, but also the electronic perks that come with “Devoted to Fans:” Buyers will have access to special Facebook features and exclusive information. Maybe Zuck will even tell you the secret to the awkward smile.

The shadow will be available on YLS’s Facebook page, but unfortunately they have no plans to award prizes for drawing artistically rendered “like” symbols on your eyelids. YSL Runs Out of Ideas, Creates Facebook-Inspired Eye Shadow