Facing a Latino Challenger, Mike Miller Highlights His Latino Support

(Photo: Wikimedia)

Assemblyman Mike Miller is running for reelection in a district that is more than 47% Latino, and facing a primary challenge from Etienne David Adorno, he’s clearly looking to solidify his support in that community. To wit, Mr. Miller’s campaign sent out a press release earlier this morning entitled, “Leading Latino Elected Officials Endorse Mike Miller for Re-election.”

“Mike Miller is a leader who has been delivering results for our families and community,” Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, one of several Latino elected officials said in the statement. “He fights to improve our schools, works to protect the most vulnerable citizens among us, and is committed to bringing good jobs back to Queens, and that’s why I fully support him.”

Mr. Adorno is not likely to cede the Hispanic vote, of course.

“We need a representative that reflects the majority of the population that lives here, that speaks the language and that understands the issues that these people go through because they are one of those people themselves,” he said in an interview with Roberto Perez a few weeks ago.

He further stressed the need to have an elected representative hailing from Woodhaven, a Latino neighborhood that he described as the largest one in the district.

“I mean, no offense to Mike Miller but if he doesn’t know what a cocotazo is, I don’t know how we can represent me,” he added. Facing a Latino Challenger, Mike Miller Highlights His Latino Support