Forger Proud of Forgings

(Courtesy Amazon)

Tomorrow’s edition of The New York Times features a profile of master forger Ken Perenyi whose book Caveat Emptor: the Secret Life of an American Art Forger will hit shelves next month.

Mr. Perenyi claims his fakes have sold at Christie’s and Sotheby’s (they deny this), though these days his main clientele consists of seniors who want reproductions of their favorite artists. From the story:

“I’m convinced that if these artists were alive today, they would thank me,” he said. “I’m somebody that understands and appreciates their work.”

Standing over one of his Herrings he pointed out the sheen of the horse’s coat and the crystal-clear detail of the jockey’s face. “I don’t wish to flatter myself,” he said, “but I’m sure Herring himself would be proud to put his name on this painting.”

Forger Proud of Forgings