Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson to Lead a Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Dream big, Scotty boy, dream big.

Liar? Who, me? (Photo:

As it turns out, cheating does not actually pay off in the long run, as one Pennsylvania mom and one disgraced Yahoo executive are finding out today. Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson announced today that he would be heading-up the two-year-old shipping service ShopRunner, a slight downgrade from leading one of the world’s largest tech companies.

In May, Yahoo sent Mr. Thompson packing after discovering he lied about his credentials on his resume, where he falsely claimed that he had a computer science degree. Presumably, Mr. Thompson has corrected his resume, though both ShopRunner and Mr. Thompson suspiciously forgot to mention his past at Yahoo when announcing the news.

“During his tenure as PayPal’s President, Scott joined the ShopRunner board of directors, and we got to see firsthand how much value Scott could add to our business,” said ShopRunner’s current CEO and co-founder Mike Golden in a statement.

In the same statement, Mr. Thompson also ignored his most recent employer, instead drawing on his PayPal credentials. “While PayPal and ShopRunner are fundamentally different businesses, there are similarities in each of their success,” he said.

Maybe he just left out his Yahoo career on his resume?

But more importantly, let’s look at Mr. Thompson’s groundbreaking business analysis of PayPal and ShopRunner. How, might you ask, is a billing platform similar to an online shipping service? Well they are, in fact, both customer-oriented companies, similar to almost every business in existence:

“Both companies are focused on building the broadest network of satisfied merchants by providing the value that creates a large and loyal customer community, creating a virtuous circle,” Mr. Thompson said.

Obviously, Mr. Thompson is the most logical choice for heading a “virtuous circle,” given his honorable past and eloquent ability to describe basic business principles. We can only assume that Yahoo is kicking themselves right now for replacing this lovely gem with Marissa Mayer. Former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson to Lead a Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of