Fortress Chief Mike Novogratz Must Love Tribeca Real Estate As Much As Wrestling

The Novogratz brothers go bonkers for downtown properties. (Patrick McMullen)

It looks like Mike Novogratz has caught the family bug for buying real estate. The Fortress Investment Group principal and wife Suki have snapped up yet another condo at 110 Hudson Street, according to city records.  And they already own four units in the building!

Mr. Novogratz paid only $1.3 million for the fourth-floor unit, which is chump change for a man whose fund manages billions of dollars. Still, it’s unclear what the couple plans to do with the space given that it’s located kind of far from their spreads on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors. Perhaps Mr. Novogratz wants to convert it into a wrestling gym? Or maybe the Novogratzes plan to buy up all the floors in-between? We wouldn’t be surprised.

It could just be that after watching his designer brother Robert, the star of Bravo reality TV show 9 By Design, flip downtown property after downtown property Mr. Novogratz wanted to get in on all the fun.

The Novogratzes first bought into the building in 2005, when they scooped up three apartments at once for $12.2 million. A year later they apparently decided to expand their spread, snapping up another unit for $5.3 million.

We don’t know much about their most recent purchase, which didn’t have a public listing. But whatever the couple does with the unit, purchased from Guess Again Realty Inc., we assume that the master of the universe and family will at least have a good-looking space if their designer kin is willing to lend a hand. If they’re not too busy polishing and primping all of their own properties, that is. Fortress Chief Mike Novogratz Must Love Tribeca Real Estate As Much As Wrestling