Fox News Censors Jesus Christ (Video)

Is the viewership of the Fox News Network really so delicate that they must be shielded from an exclamatory remark invoking the name of a guy worshipped by a decent-sized slice of the human population?

Apparently, yes.

Fox News Network’s favorite alternative proper noun spelling Megyn Kelly was on today, discussing a train derailment in Columbus, Ohio, when the broadcast rolled a clip of citizen journalism video, with the video’s cameraman delivering a fairly astute observation of the massive explosion he’d just witnessed.

And yet, Kelly felt the need to apologize for it, and on a subsequent viewing, the ‘bad words’ were censored:



News Corp’s other notoriously conservative news outfits don’t seem to shy away from it. Question: Does this say more about Ms. Kelly, the network’s viewership, or who someone with Fox News’ censor button answers to? | @weareyourfek

Fox News Censors Jesus Christ (Video)