George Maziarz Talks Polish-American Politics

In the wake of his visit to Poland, Mitt Romney announced the formation of a “Polish-Americans for Romney” committee.  Sign

In the wake of his visit to Poland, Mitt Romney announced the formation of a “Polish-Americans for Romney” committee. 

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And picked to served on the eight-person national advisory board was George Maziarz, a state senator from the Buffalo-area. Reached by phone in his district office, he said that top members of the Romney campaign team reached out to him while the candidate was campaigning in the mother country yesterday, and in a brief interview he slammed President Barack Obama for a gaffe he made several months ago, when he referred to “Polish death camps” instead of “Nazi death camps.”

“For years the terms ‘Polish death camp’ have been politically incorrect and it is factually inaccurate,” he said. “It is very insulting to Polish-Americans when you say that.”

As Mr. Maziarz pointed out, while the camps were geographically located in Poland, “it wasn’t because Poland wanted them there.”

The senator proceeded to lay out a broad case against Mr. Obama, criticizing the health care bill for driving up costs and for spending “trillions” on an economy recovery plan that has so far yielded little result.

And while noting that the Poles “have been our greatest allies” he said that the president was more concerned with apologizing to enemies.

“This apology to Pakistan. Pakistan has shielded Taliban terrorists and have killed American military personnel.  It was clearly an accident when we shot down one of their planes. It was not intentional. This country, we have saved their ass a hundred times and he got on bended knee to them,” he said.

It was unclear which plane incident Mr. Maziarz was referring to.

And Mr. Maziarz was also unclear on what his role with the campaign would be. He noted that Polish-Americans were a relatively small part of the electorate–he wasn’t sure exactly how small–and said that his job would be to speaking Polish-American organizations in places where many resided like Buffalo, Chicago, Indianapolis and Baltimore.

When it was pointed out that none of those places were located in swing stated, Mr. Maziarz said, “Boy. You are depressing me.”

George Maziarz Talks Polish-American Politics