Girls Star Lena Dunham Wants To Take on The Tea Party by Eating ‘Dope Sh*t’

Lena Dunham (Photo: Twitter)

Lena Dunham, the star, creator and producer of HBO’s hipster-ific series Girls, took to Twitter today to encourage her more than 200,000 followers to take on the Tea Party by “eat[ing] dope shit” at a series of dinners dedicated to raising money to defeat a “targeted list” of Tea Party incumbents picked by a liberal super PAC. The dinners are hosted by hosted by a group called Downtown For Democracy and Ms. Dunham’s real-life best friend, Audrey Gelman (who uses the handle @grumplstilskin on Twitter and works as press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer) is a member of the Downtown For Democracy Board.

“Want to eat dope shit for a wonderful cause? Support D4D and my oldest best ‪#girl‬ @grumplstiltskin,” Ms. Dunham tweeted along with a link to the dinner series.

The Downtown For Democracy dinners, aptly titled “Dining For Democracy,” feature meals cooked by star chefs including Mario Batali and Momofoku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi. There will also be guest speakers and musicians including MSNBC host Alex Wagner and Michael Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for government affairs, Howard Wolfson. Tickets require contributions ranging from $125 to $2,000.

Downtown for Democracy was founded in 2003 “to organize artists around the Bush/Kerry presidential election.” During this election cycle, they’re focused on defeating the “Tea Party 10,” a list of Tea Party incumbents in Congress compiled by the liberal super PAC CREDO that includes, Allen West and Steve King. Girls Star Lena Dunham Wants To Take on The Tea Party by Eating ‘Dope Sh*t’