Good Press Release: Jack Shainman, ‘Hi Jack!’

We get a lot of press releases here at The Observer and have come to appreciate the ones that put in the effort to be entertaining, or at least weird. Here’s the latest entry in the pantheon of good press releases: the art handlers at Jack Shainman gallery have organized a “soft takeover” of the asylum to bring you “Hi Jack!”—a show of emerging and established artists, and the press release takes the form of an e-mail to the owner himself.

Read it for yourself below. The parts that appear in brackets were blocked out in the original e-mail.


Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 3:35 am To: Jack Shainman ([.. ])
From: Luke Turner (; Daniel Finch (;
Subject: Happy May Day + hijack proposal

Hi Jack,
HiJack! will occupy your gallery space from August 2nd through September 1st. Your art-handlers have organized a soft takeover and will curate an exhibition that presents rarely shown works by artists from your gallery alongside artists of our choice who have never shown at Jack Shainman Gallery.

The artist list is as follows:

Anthony Campuzano
[Emily Jacir]
Bessma Khalaf
[Christian Marclay]
Esperanza Mayobre
Chris Mottalini
[Jean-Luc Moulene]
Odili Donald Odita
Mariah Robertson
Tyler Rowland
Malick Sidibé
[Nick von Woert]

Our agenda includes plans to issue an essay that contextualizes the selected artworks within the theoretical discourse that surrounds global labor conditions.

In pursuit of our demands we will construct an artist labor library that will be installed across from your office and your door will be removed for the duration of the show.

Please do not be alarmed. We strive for camaraderie as we collapse the divisions of labor. This is our revolt. For the duration of HiJack!, we are not merely your “art-handlers” and we do not truly regard you as our hostage. We hope that under these conditions Stockholm/Lima Syndromes will flourish.

We are all workers seeking to engage the totality of our faculties in the realm of Art. Stay alert for our next dispatch.


Victor de Matha
Daniel Finch
Luke Turner

Summer Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM.
For additional information and photographic material please contact the gallery at

Good Press Release: Jack Shainman, ‘Hi Jack!’