Gounardes Campaign: We Will Not Let That Seminar Die

Andrew Gounardes (Photo: Facebook)

“I demand that Senator Golden apologize immediately – if only on behalf of my mother and sister,” Democratic State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes declared in a press release earlier today.

Mr. Gounardes was referring to Mr. Golden’s now infamous “Feminine Presence” seminar that drew national attention last week due to its rather antiquated rhetoric in its prescriptions for female constituents (i.e. “Walk up and down a stair elegantly”). And although it was ultimately canceled, Mr. Gounardes is clearly not interested in letting the issue go away.

To further entice reporters, his press release, like his last one criticizing Mr. Golden over the move, even used a healthy dose of Leave It to Beaver pop culture hooks to describe the situation in an ongoing fashion.

“Ward Cleaver knew when to apologize to June. Heck, even Archie Bunker knew when to admit he was wrong to Edith!” the statement declared. “Likewise, it’s time for Senator Marty Golden to admit he was wrong, so Brooklyn attorney and State Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes is calling him out on the carpet.”

Mr. Gounardes is also fundraising off the event, sending an email to his supporters this morning requesting a $50 contribution.

“Out of touch. Living in the past. Oblivious,” the email begins. One can imagine how the rest continues.

He’s not even the only Democrat pushing the issue. Yesterday, John Mancuso, a candidate for the State Assembly, called on his Republican opponent to denounce the event.

Whether it can pick up additional traction in the mainstream media, however, is still unclear.

Gounardes Campaign: We Will Not Let That Seminar Die