Hakeem Jeffries Has Raised Over $1.2M Total

(Photo: Jeffries campaign)

“If anybody that decides to run against me, … I suggest that they have to raise at least $2 million dollars to finish a respectable last, just to finish respectable they’re going to need $2 million,” Councilman Charles Barron declared at his congressional campaign kickoff last November.

Well, obviously that didn’t happen, and then some. Mr. Barron’s ultimately victorious opponent, Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, has truly raked in the money and his quarterly FEC filing will show $1,235,862.01 when his campaign files it in a couple days, his spokeswoman Lupe Todd said (she included the extra penny). Ms. Todd further stated the majority of their contributions came in the form of $100 or less.

The number indicates a significant number of contributions came in close to Election Day, as he reported raising about $750,000 in total a couple weeks before voters cast their ballots.

An operative supporting Mr. Jeffries we spoke to about the money haul took a bit of a victory lap, pointing to Mr. Barron’s initial claims about what his opponents would need to raise.

“Charles suggested that Hakeem would have to raise over a $1M to come in a respectable second or third. Instead, Hakeem beat him [in votes] on his own block,” the operative added. “What’s up, Charles?”

The politico also referenced Mr. Jeffries being labeled a “Majority Maker” by the electoral arm of the House Democrats, adding, “Of course these numbers attracted the attention of national Democrats which tapped him for Majority Makers and other initiatives to help President Obama.” Hakeem Jeffries Has Raised Over $1.2M Total