Hakeem Jeffries Prepares to Go National

(Photo: Facebook)

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, fresh off his dominating June 26th primary victory for Congressman Ed Towns’ seat, looks like he’s already set to be a player down in Washington D.C.

For one, Mr. Jeffries has been named a “Majority Maker” by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a title that carries the expectation of raising campaign cash for Democrats in competitive districts. And, as POLITICO reported it, “Those who participate might get plum committee assignments or general gratitude from important friends when they arrive on Capitol Hill.”

“I plan to recruit volunteers, raise money for Democratic candidates and campaign in districts where that would be helpful to secure a Democratic majority,” Mr. Jeffries explained to us yesterday evening. “The people in the 8th Congressional District will benefit if the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. The agenda advanced by radical Republicans is hurtful.”

And he’s already been put to work. He recently penned an op-ed for Politics365, a news site aimed at communities of color, urging readers to not only support President  Barack Obama, but to pay attention to downballot congressional races as well.

“Log onto www.HavehisBack.com and pledge that you will vote for President Obama and Democratic candidates for Congress this November,” Mr. Jeffries wrote to conclude his piece. “The President has done everything to look out for us. Now it’s time for us to look out for him.”

Mr. Jeffries is technically still running for his first term in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, but as the party’s nominee, he’s guaranteed to cruise to victory, barring some sort of exceptional natural disaster.

The candidate insists he’s taking the general election seriously, however, and told us that he’s a “good multi-tasker” as he begins to look nationally as well. Hakeem Jeffries Prepares to Go National