Hashable Is No More: The Service Goes Dark July 25

CEO Michael Yavonditte moves on to build a mobile ad network.

Mr. Yavonditte. (Photo: ffvc.com)

Hashable–the New York-based, Union Square Ventures-backed startup that had once hoped to disrupt the perfectly pleasant convention of exchanging business cards–is no more.

According to an email that went out around 3 a.m. this morning, both Hashable.com and the company’s web apps will shut down on July 25th. Users have until then to download their complete profile history, which should come in handy for any actual devotees of the service.

But it sounds like the team is already moving on:

While we are still very passionate about making better connections and meeting new people, the time has come for us to focus our energy elsewhere.

Onward and upward is the startup way, we suppose. CEO Mike Yavonditte hinted at the nature of his next move on Twitter (while displaying some refreshing bluntness regarding about Hashable itself):

That would be a mobile ad network, it sounds like. He also added: “now we don’t have to worry about how we’re going to monetize.” We can only imagine the relief.

Back in December, the company shifted gears in a pivot that wasn’t, moving from a mission of uniting all your various social networks to creating “the ultimate address book.” But it sounds like the move was too little, too late.

We’ve reached out to Mr. Yavonditte for comment and will update if we learn more. However, given Betabeat’s history with Hashable, it is entirely possible that Mr. Yavonditte will not feel inclined to respond. Hashable Is No More: The Service Goes Dark July 25