Italian-American Group Thinks Slight of Sexist Civic Virtue Statue Is Insult to Their Heritage

You talkin’ to me? (Paul Lowry/Flickr)

Some are pulling for the dismissal of the somewhat sexist Civic Virtue, but an immigrant group in Queens is defending the bare-bottomed statue in the name of its Italian-American heritage.

The Piccirilli Brothers, a New York City-based Italian group who has worked on various monuments erected throughout the country, apparently collaborated back in the day with Frederick MacMonnies, the sculptor of Civic Virtue, according to the blog Queens Crap.

After already taking offense to the statue’s initial move from a post outside City Hall to a less prodigious place in front of Queens Borough Hall, the group has once again been incited after news that the statue’s next resting spot is a Brooklyn cemetery. Isn’t there an open plot in Manhattan?

The group also poked fun at those who claim the statue exudes sexism and, of course, at Anthony Weiner for attempting to displace the Italian-American monument by placing it on Craigslist.

“The statue, a sterling example of Italian-American artisanry, has been castigated instead of honored,” the group’s plea reads. Castrated is more like it.

The Piccirilli Brothers are also known for carving the lions at the New York Public Library and for the U.S.S. Maine Monument at the entrance to Central Park.

From Craigslist to Queens to a cemetery in Brooklyn, the statue’s constant move and subsequent backlash from its creators doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.

Perhaps it was better off in the “free stuff” section.

Italian-American Group Thinks Slight of Sexist <em>Civic Virtue</em> Statue Is Insult to Their Heritage