James Bond Returns in Skyfall Teaser: Watch

The big story of the Olympics’ first weekend, for those waiting for the quadrennial sports fever to break, was the sudden omnipresence of Daniel Craig, who appeared in an Opening Ceremony skit with Queen Elizabeth and saw the teaser for his new Sam Mendes-directed Bond film, Skyfall, drop. Not much new information is revealed, here–it would seem Bond goes to Asia, and, contra the graphic violence of the last two films, escapes conflagrations fairly unruffled–but it’s good to see Mr. Craig back in action. The prolific actor can’t seem to connect when not in black-tie and holster!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFNv5nDYMsU]

James Bond Returns in <em>Skyfall</em> Teaser: Watch