Jay Roach, Director of The Campaign, on His Unrealized Political Career

“If I hadn’t gone into film I would have been in politics,” Jay Roach, director of The Campaign, told The Observer last night at a screening after party. “I was a big student council guy.”

Taking our cue from the lighthearted atmosphere a night of comedy, dim lighting, and celebrity schmoozing at the Lower East Side restaurant of Sons of Essex, we prodded for the punch line. “Oh yeah? And what would your platform be?” we shot back, not without a bit of skeptical sarcasm. “Mental illness” came the reply. We quickly swallowed our laughter. “It’s something that’s really not spoken about–it’s not a sexy topic,” Mr. Roach continued earnestly. “I really think it’s a problem the way we don’t take care of people in this country.” A serious problem indeed!
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Jay Roach, Director of <em>The Campaign</em>, on His Unrealized Political Career