Joe Crowley Says GOP Health Care Plan Is Chicken Soup [Video]

The House of Representatives is set to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and and Queens Congressman Joe Crowley tweaked them borrowing a page from Andy Warhol.

Standing beside a large picture of a Campbell’s Soup can, Mr. Crowley accused his Republican colleagues of preferring to Obama a health care plan that revolves around an ancient bit of folk medicine.

“Here is what I assume must be the Republicans’ plan for health care in our country: chicken noodle soup,” he said.  “Many of our grandmothers have told us that chicken noodle soup is the cure-all for anything, but I think the Republicans’ plan takes grandma at her word a little too literally. Can’t afford health care coverage and need medical care?  Have some chicken noodle soup. Been diagnosed with a serious disease and can’t afford the prescription drugs you need to treat it?  Well, at least you can rely on some good old chicken noodle soup. Have a preexisting condition like diabetes that lets your insurance company deny you coverage?  That’s okay, have some chicken noodle soup, and it will be all better.”

The bill is not expected to pass the Senate, which is a good thing for Mr. Crowley, since, as he said on the floor of the House, “The truth is, chicken noodle soup might be ‘mmm, mmm good’ for lunch, but as health care policy it is ‘mmm, mmm bad’.”

Take a look:

[youtube] Joe Crowley Says GOP Health Care Plan Is Chicken Soup [Video]