John Liu Continues Dropping Big Bucks on Legal Bills

(Photo: Facebook)

Comptroller John Liu, whose name is often affixed with the adjective “embattled” due to the federal indictment against his campaign’s treasurer, certainly hasn’t been skimping when it comes to his ongoing legal costs in his potential 2013 mayoral campaign.

Just looking at expenses from his campaign account since January, Mr. Liu has spent close to $200,000 for lawyers and litigation consultants. Some of that may be part of his attempt to beat back a whopping $527,000 fine for littering the city with campaign signage during his 2009 race.

This amount represents a continuation of Mr. Liu’s legal spending. Earlier this year, the New York Post reported Mr. Liu spending $100,000, which was actually more than his campaign raised during the period they were looking at.

“He’s spending more on lawyers than anything else,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf exclaimed at the time. “The donors are going to say, ‘Enough!’”

But as Mr. Liu raised $579,000 since January, he certainly hasn’t been slacking since his previous, financially anemic report. He has close to $2 million in the bank.

John Liu Continues Dropping Big Bucks on Legal Bills