Russian AntiVirus Maker Wants to Make You Batman For a Day


But first, don’t forget to download all your patches! (Photo: CinemaBlend)

This week, in questionable partnerships: The antivirus makers at Kaspersky Labs have teamed up with The Dark Knight Rises for “The People of Gotham City Sweepstakes.” The winner gets to be Batman for a day (though without the onerous crime-fighting responsibilities), because why not?

If the name Kaspersky Labs sounds familiar, that’s probably because it’s the company that figured out the connection between the Flame and Stuxnet viruses.

The contest posits that the villainous Bane has unleashed a devastating computer virus on Gotham, and humbler Interneters like yourself must fight back, by entering this contest. We’re envisioning a frustrated Batman, suited up to bash heads but instead peering over the shoulder of a computer technician, which just sounds thrilling.

In a statement released yesterday, founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky sounded really, really excited about this contest and about The Dark Knight Rises in general:

Like the Dark Knight in his struggle against the insidious threats posed by Bane, Kaspersky Lab fights the equally insidious threats posed by cybercriminals all around the world; in this way we’re both quite simply ‘here to save the world.’ I think joining forces with The Dark Knight Rises is a compelling way to engage Batman fans across North America and reinforce our mission to fight cybercriminal activity around the world.

Sounds like someone will be attending a midnight screening in costume. Own up, Mr. Kaspersky: Was this whole contest cooked up as an excuse to compare yourself to Batman?

The grand prize winner will receive a “Batman New York City Experience,” including “a personal hand-to-hand mixed martial arts training session” and “a life-size adult Batman costume,” plus, of course, a Kaspersky gift bag. (Doesn’t everyone just download these things nowadays?)

No word on whether the prize includes having Michael Caine serve as your butler or Christian Bale scream at you for 15 minutes.

Russian AntiVirus Maker Wants to Make You Batman For a Day