Kristen Wiig Always Knew She’d Leave Saturday Night Live This Year

In the August issue of Marie Claire, cover subject Kristen Wiig says that the success of Bridesmaids had nothing to do with her departure from Saturday Night Live this year. Though handicapping how soon it would be before the newly-minted movie star would depart the sketch show became a parlor game last summer, Ms. Wiig says she had planned to leave the show after seven years, regardless of her movie work: “I just always knew it was going to be seven and that was it.”

At least Ms. Wiig acknowledges her new fame with a pretty terrific aside (emphasis ours): “I know a lot of people probably assume, ‘Oh, she’s leaving because she is going to be doing movies now and things like that,’ which I will be.” Brisk and to-the-point!

Kristen Wiig Always Knew She’d Leave <em>Saturday Night Live</em> This Year