Kyrillos campaign responds to poll

MIDDLETOWN – The Kyrillos campaign struck back today after the latest Quinnipiac Poll  gave U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez a 46-32 percent approval rating and a 47-34 percent lead over Kyrillos compared to a 45-35 percent lead in a May 16 survey

“After nearly two decades in Washington, Bob Menendez is still under 50 percent in the polls and has an anemic 37 percent favorability rating,” said Kyrillos campaign manager Chapin Fay in a release.

“That’s because Bob Menendez has failed New Jersey — unemployment is much higher, our deficit is much higher, and the standard of living for middle class families is lower than when he was elected to the Senate.”

“When voters compare Joe’s record of reform to Menendez’s failed partisan record of job-killing taxes and regulation, the choice will be clear,” Fay said. “Senator Kyrillos, along with Governor Chris Christie and other like-minded reformers, have worked to balance our budgets without raising taxes, cut spending, and restore a state that was so poorly managed it was on the brink of bankruptcy. New Jerseyans know that a vote for Menendez is a vote they cannot afford.”

Menendez’ campaign manager Michael Soliman responded to the poll as well.

“Senator Menendez fights back for New Jersey’s middle class because it is the right thing to do, not because it may help him with polls. Senator Menendez’s message of fighting back for the middle class is resonating with New Jersey voters.  

“As Senator Menendez says,  ‘This race is not about bringing the powerful down. It’s about raising the middle class up.’ Senator Menendez is looking forward to continuing his efforts to bring that message to as many New Jersey residents and families as possible in the months ahead.”

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